Tom Brady began his journey into performance as art in 1970 while exploring the limits of sculpture and performance at both Kansas (BFA) and Rutgers Universities (MFA). He has performed in New York at Franklin Furnace (Brady's work included in MOMA collection/research/Franklin Furnace) as well as PS1 Contemporary Arts Center. He was invited to perform at the Generative Art Conference at the University of Milano, Italy in 2004. In St. Louis he has exhibited and performed at COCA’s Anhesuer Busch Black Box Theatre, Laumeier Sculpture Park, 3 Sinks Gallery in Webster and most recently at Satori, his studio at 3003 Locust St. St. Louis. Tom produced and premiered an original work - Prodigal in the beautiful Forest Park, Shakespeare Glen, St. Louis Missouri to critical acclaim in September of 2009. 


Tom has evolved into a talented and prolific composer, designer, sculptor, photographer, and performer. He conceives, designs, builds and musically accompanies the installations in which he places himself. He then becomes an acrobat, a Zen master, a clown, a body behind a mask or a nucleus of whirling lights and images. Constantly playing with the level of information that the audience receives, his work sculpts light and shadow to create magical images and reflections on the state of being.



Monica Newsam born in Panama is a prolific performer aerialist, dancer and choreographer She teaches aerial arts at Webster University and Circus Harmony.  She has studied and performed around the globe in Cuba, Haiti, India, Paris and Spain.  She founded Gramo-Danse in Panama City and En'Lair aerial artist in St. Louis.   Since 2008 she periodically  collaborateds with Brady to create Prodigal, Fogdog, Zilch and 3Row Poles to Enlightenment.  Their creatvie partnetship continues to propell each forward.

Beckah Voigt Reed founder of ANNONYArts visioned an organization that would support independent movement based work that made statement.  As Tom Brady, Monica Newsam and Beckah Reed joined paths the batton was handed off recently from Beckah to Tom  who now becomes the Artistic and Executive Director of ANNONYArts.