THE 2019-2020 SEASON

  • Man in the Box evolving  - shows in April 2019

  • Beneath the Surface

a new project in the  concept phase now will begin stage constructions and development and auditions set for the summer of 2019

 premier in April of 2020


Scheduled Events for season are being developed.  

Opportunities pop up so watch for additional projects. 

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Man in the Box 

Man in the Box top view

Man in the Box top view

Boxes was originally created and performed as a solo piece by performance artist Tom Brady in New York at Franklin Furnace in 1979 . Since that time Brady has revisited this complex work numerous times in pursuit of deeper meaning and each time encounters the complexity of being.


Boxes now entitled Man in the Box is truly a living piece whose evolution continues to pose new questions helping to create new vocabulary, defining the search for intuitive knowledge.


The current project is the result of an intense collaboration between two self determined artists - Brady and long time collaborators Monica Newsam choreographer, dancer, aerial artist and video mapping projections with video artist Zlatko Cosic.  "You know when a collaboration is truly productive when it becomes impossible to lay claim to any piece of the whole."


Brady,  Newsam and Cosic collaborate to stunning effect as they perform together moving through a forest of eighteen -15’ poles set to Brady's original music.  Audience is immersed in the vision as catalyst.  The juxtaposition of the sculptural stage space, light and shadow, original sound track and innovative movement vocabulary, create a transformative, visceral response.


Man in the Box is a requiem honoring and at times cherishing the individual challenges, reversals, failings, insights, generosity and forward thrusts in the journey to wisdom. The audience pays witness to the collision of one's final moments with the recollections of the younger self - and the life well lived. In the dialogue between one's youthful past and aging now, the two performers create movement vocabulary through the complex sculptural space.


They share youthful insights reminding us that wisdom is not found solely in years earned, while recognizing that age does provide the young and ambitious needed perspective.  

Works in Process

Most of Brady's projects are conceived, considered and developed over multiple years - some even decades.  He is therefore continually developing the following works in concept, stage and production to be performed in the coming 12 to 48 months. 

Currently seeking funding for the follwoing projects.  If you would like to join the team, help, donate or learn more email Tom through the contact tab on this site.


  • Beneath the Surface

  • La Foresta Perduata - The Lost Forest

  • 3 Row Poles to Enlightenment  - originally performed in Milan, Italy in 2004.

  • Prodigal originally performed in Shakespeare Glen, Forest Park in 2009.


La Foresta Perduta - The Lost Forest

Scale model

La Foresta Perduta   -  The Lost Forest


La Foresta Perduta is currently under development  - see illustrations above.  We are currently seeking funding from various arts funding orgnaizations and private donors.


La Foresta Perduta is an original interdisciplinary work challenging established western concepts of theatre, music and dance, uniquely setting movement into the context of sculpture as stage.  This work will investigate the cultural diversity - of the multi-ethnic cast as they struggle to survive and ultimately to soar, reaching beyond judgments, beyond hatred and jealously, beyond the self to gain intuitive knowledge.  The work focuses on the universal, primal need to transcend.  Sound, movement, and objects empowered by association and infused with mystic meaning emerge as visions of the unknowable, the untouchable, the unheard and unspoken.


La Foresta Perduta – stage space is constructed as an island approximately 45’ x 35’.  The stage surface is topographical with natural rises to 8’ and falls to 3’ across the surface.  Clustered to one side of the island stage 75, 15’ to 20’x3”dia., aluminum poles are mounted vertically into stage set approximately 30” apart allowing performers to create gravity defying movement.  The entire stage built on wheels is slowly rotating in a random pattern across the theatre box space.


The performance begins in darkness after the sun has set.  A series of mirage like video projections, onto the stage and walls of the space surrounding the stage provide just enough light to make the performers visible, recognizable, then instantly gone.    Lighting is critical to setting the mood of this work.  Brady has repeatedly demonstrated through earlier work his mastery of light, preferring to use it as a painter might to control the message, clarify, intensify and focus.


The cast is assembled on the island surface, a homogenous community of people.  As the progression continues the stage gradually splits into three separate islands.  Drifting apart, each island rotates around the other and the performers now separated begin to evolve in unique and disparate ways.  Each group learns to adapt to natural and manmade challenges and disasters, each developing their own cultural systems.   La Foresta becomes a study of the evolving resultant cultures.  As they explore beyond their new world they encounter differences of color, class, religion resulting in conflict and distrust.  Each is a studied system based on history and anthropological precedent.  (Concepts informed by artists independent research as well as inclusion of a Social Science Researcher).


Performers will ultimately ascend in a crescendo of movement into the forest poles swaying, leaping through and to  - the tops of the 15’ to 20’ poles in choreographed movements - a transcending movement.


 3 R o w   P o l e s   t o   E n l i g h t e n m e n t    

Originally performed in Milan, Italy 2004.  Currently reviewing performance venues and partnerships to help sponsor the recreation of this work.                        See additional photos - go to:  portfolio                    Contact us for more information.

P r o d i g a l  a secular retelling of the parable          See additional photos - go to:  portfolio  


A revisiting of Prodigal oriignally performed in 2009 is being considered for 2014.  We are currently seeking funding for this project.  If you would like to help, donate or learn more email Tom through the contact tab on this site.