Volunteers Make this all Happen!

There is no gift greater than giving yourself, time and resources to help realize another persons dream.  These people have repeatedly committed to Tom's Work; Monican Newsam and ANNONYArts.  It is here that we sing their praises.   We are always open to new ideas and volunteers so check out our GET INVOLVED tab to see how.


The Get the Job Done Team:  Mike Raeber,   Tim Grotrian,   Jon Krueger,   Sebastian Bellemo,   Chester Murphy,  Mike Heinicke, Trickset:  Alex Johnson,   Phillip Puzzo,   Giovani Darbros and David,  Jonathan White,  Audrey Simes,  Leslie Murphy,  Val Strang,  Micah Liesenfeld,  Victor Zieser,  Zach Haugen,  Gwen Kay,  Carol Hodson,  Kelly Weber,  Jane Kayser,  Jessica Hentoff,  Laura Murphy,  Anna Lum,  Rich O'Donnell of Hearding Cats Collective (more names added as my memoty imporves)


There are many more performers from Prodigal, Zilch, Fogdog the list  is seemingly limitless as is my gratitude.


Visit the following links to artists, friends and resources

Artist Dara Brady


As Artistic and Executive Director of ANNONYArts and on behalf of all the artists and guest artists we gratefuloly thank the following sponsors who have made magic possible over the years.