Zilch, was  performed with an expanded concept and cast as a full length evening performance  at Satori, 3003 Locust St.  St. Louis MO 63103


Performance artist Tom Brady created and directed Zilch, inspired by Elie Weisel’s book Night published in 1958.   Brady's Zilch transports audiences from his studio Satori to a horrific night in the midsts of the Holocaust.


Zilch speaks to add voice to the heroic martyrs, amplifiying their sacrifice for for contemporary audiences - lest forget.


In Zilch, Brady  partners with Choregrapher Monica Newsam and together they create a visceral experience challenging the definitions of dance, theatre, sound. 

Fogdog  Inspired by the Anthony Van Eck Painting of Agostino Pallavinci 1826 Brady creates a compelling study of this powerful, very human man - examines the privilege and the crushing costs of seeking and maintaining power.

3Row Poles to Enlightenment  was originally performed in Milan Italy in 2004.  In St. Louis Brady invited Monica Newsam to join him resulting in a series of  collaborations.  3Row beautifully tells the story of discovery, compassion and loss. 

Boxes was originally performed in New York at Franklin Furnance.  As an evolution Man in the Box was created along with an original musical score.  asks questions, struggles with isolation and comments on ones inability to speak out for oneself.

Sore/Soar was created exploring vertical space, presence and absence.   Sore/Soar  explores the universal desire for transcendance.  This piece stakes claim to not merely survive but to place ones feet on the edge of the bluff - push off and Soar.

Prodigal - With the full moon rising on 7 starry nights in Forest Park, Shakespeare Glen, Tom Brady  created, directed, composed, and performeed this challenging work  in collaboration with Choreogarpher Monica Newsam.  Twenty one performers 35 technicians and dozens of volunteers created Prodigal.

Crescent  This solo performance weaves an original pre-recorded text reflecting on lIves and possiblities . . .  once here and instantly gone. 

3Sinks Gallery - HDIGH - WAIS  How did I get hear and why am I starying.  For six weeks Brady created multiple shorts, performances that expressed a single thought or feeing.  HDIGH-WAIS was one such piece that explored Brady's fascination with altered spaces - stage as sculpture. 

3 Sinks Gallery - Catpture of the Virgin Psyche  For this piece Brady created costumes abstracting the performers reality and form.   Drawn to 5th to 15th century Byzantine Icons Brady creates performance, filled with images that go beyond imagery capturing the presence of the invisible.

Traces Early studies into the  evidence of existence.  Brady's explorations here are based on his observations that masks reveal more than they conceal.  Trace evidence is the the essence of being left for others to see and know.

Traces at COCA was a continuation of Brady's fascination with absence and presence - visible and invisible - traces of one who has gone before.   Longing for a return of those who are lost.

Loving  YOU.   images masked to reveal.  For some acknowledging anger and pain is difficult.  In this work anger, shame and sorrow becomes the visual vocabulary.

3Row Poles to Enlightenment

Originally performed in Milano Italy in 2004 at the Generative Arts Conferencecreated, composed and performed performance artist Tom BradyThomas Brady. copyright January 2003